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FlexScore gives you total financial clarity wrapped up in a single score. The score you want to achieve is 1,000 to be considered financially independent. See where you're at now, get free tips on what to do next, and make your goals a reality. It's fast, free, and even a little fun.

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If you're thinking about retirement, it's a good time for a check up so you can understand if you are on track. It's also important to understand what's in your control in case you need to make some changes to improve your plan. With the FlexScoreTM planning tool, there's an easy way to see where you stand, in a secure environment that protects your information and privacy.

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Log in with our email registration, and input your retirement goals


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Identify the assets and income available when you retire, and estimate your expenses


Get Your Results

See if you are on track and consider ways to improve your plan

Once you have completed your Profile with FlexScoreTM, explore other aspects of your financial health. Take advantage of our tools and tips, and consider signing up for a free one on one consultation so we can answer your questions and help you think about the choices ahead.

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FlexScore is fully-equipped with 256-bit SSL encryption. That's the same level of security your bank or broker uses. It's also read only—so it's impossible to move your money. No one can trade, withdraw, or transfer funds from FlexScore. Not even you. Learn More.

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Get Your FlexScore

Sign up for free, complete your profile, and find out your FlexScore today. How close are you to a perfect score of 1,000 points - the amount you’ll need to be considered financially independent. Find out how you’re doing compared to all your peers. See where you’re kicking butt, and where you could use a little extra help. Just answer some simple questions and tell us about you and your goals. You'll get a score within minutes. The more information you give us, the more accurate your score.


Comprehensive Analysis

Use free expert analysis to understand how your financial future will be affected by the decisions you make today. The advice you receive is powered by a complex and robust algorithm that rewards you FlexScore points for making good financial decisions and takes away points for making bad ones. It’s like having access to a financial advisor 24/7. That's because FlexScore was created by real financial advisors—we've kept the powerful process, ditched the boring approach, and added a whole lot of fun!


Ways To Perform

Take steps to raise your score, improve your financial standing, and get ready for the future you've always wanted. You'll be prompted to improve your situation by being given action steps—credible advice from experienced financial advisors. Take these action steps one by one, and not only will your score improve, but so will your finances.



FlexScore uses bank-grade security to protect your data. SHA-256 Encryption and 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology keeps your data private and secure. Also, Norton regularly scans our websites to make sure that our security measures are running at their full capacity and privacy policy is followed.

In addition to the electronic security, your data is also protected by some serious physical measures. Security personnel monitor the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access to servers requires multiple levels of authentication, including biometrics (hand print scan) and identity authentication.

We need your online usernames and passwords for all financial accounts so that we can give you the best financial advice for your specific circumstances. Using our account aggregation service we are able to securely connect with your bank, credit card company, brokerage firm, retirement plan account, and the like. The numbers and information we need are then automatically downloaded into our advice engine daily. This way, you don't have to constantly update us, rather, we'll be able to update you!

The account aggregation technology we use has been used in our industry for many years. Also, identity thieves require information we don't ask for or need. For example, we don't ask for your social security number, telephone number, or your address. We also never ask for any personal financial account numbers. The level of information FlexScore needs is the same as what is found on the financial company websites you already use. At no time do we ask you for information that would be required for a hacker to steal your identity, such as your full name, financial account numbers, credit card numbers, billing address, etc.